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Lightning Xpress use the quickest delivery methods to send a purchased item to the consumer as soon as feasible. For speedy delivery, we often employs courier methods such as air travel. Customers can expect to receive their purchased items within 1-3 days after making a payment.


Courier that caters to your needs!

At Lightning Xpress Delivery, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to business.  Same-Day courier service is recommended when you need package delivery in a timely fashion.

Customers that can take advantage of this service include (but are not limited to) legal firms, advertising organizations, manufacturers, and printers.

Use Lightning Xpress Delivery for secure pickup and delivery of your packages, mail, and parcels throughout our extensive service area.

We offer numerous service options and can also create custom solutions for all your transportation needs.

Legal documents

We are the specialist legal document courier service. Legal documents, including contracts, deeds, court papers, passports and legal tenders needing to be transported from one location to another.

Confidential and important documents need to get to where they need to be fast and hassle free. Given the sensitivity of these documents, it’s crucial they are delivered in one piece and timely.

Contact us now and we’ll take care of your logistics and delivery.

Delivery of Raw Materials

We deliver construction materials fast and safe. Every stakeholder — not just the developer or homeowner — saves money when a project is completed on time or ahead of schedule. Also, the sooner you finish a building, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of your next project.

Save up to 30% off on your shipping fee.

Contact us now and we’ll take care of your logistics and delivery.
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